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The Stage at Stag's Head


Tech Specs

At The Stag’s Head, we pride ourselves on being one of the prime locations for music and live events  in vibrant east London. The stage at Stags’s Head provides musicians with an excellent array of  equipment at their disposal, regardless of the genre. Our backline of equipment includes:  

Front Of House Speakers : 2 x JBL Venue VS3215-6 

Mixing console : Allen & Heath GL3300 

Mics/DI Boxes : 

3 x Studiospares Active DI box 

4 x Shure SM58 

Backline : 

Bass Amp combo 

Laney Pro-Linebacker PL100 Reverb guitar amp with 4 x 12 cab (see below) Vox Valvetronix guitar combo 

Drum kit : Kick, 2 rack toms, floor tom, snare stand, hi hat stand, 3 cymbal stands – BYO  breakables ! 

For DJs :  

Denon PRIME 2 (digital DJ deck)

2 x Technics SL-1210s (please bring own needles!) 

2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000 CD decks 

Pioneer mixer 

Let's work together!

The Stag's Head

55 Orsman Roan

London N1 5RA

Tel: 02077395186

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